"...we home-educate here and lots of the titles you offer are quite unique to a UK supplier. I have two children with special needs, originally autism, who have developed so well that we have moved from an intensive home-based programme approach to straight forward academic skills teaching. We find the Dinah Zike material invaluable in helping with attention span and involvement." HB, United Kingdom

Stimulus Learning Resources - for interesting children!

If you are about to embark on the home schooling journey, are a private tutor or education provider or a parent wishing to take a more pro-active role in your child's education then this is the place to be! We provide quality resources to help inform, stimulate, encourage, support and facilitate your child's learning at a minimum cost. Please take time to have a look around; there's lots to see and of course the shop to visit, we hope you enjoy your stay.

Please e-mail us with your requests, comments or feedback and help us to keep you happy, after all without you.... there is no us.

We are in the process of developing a fab new website for you. In the meantime all the old stuff is still available and lots of new stuff too. Keep checking for new products, downloads, links and lots more. Thank you for your patience.

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